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Brian Wilson looks back at the origins of the Beach Boys’ greatest album, Pet Sounds, and discusses his upcoming concert in Milwaukee and his plans for the future. Read more

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At first glance, Beach Boys founder Brian Wilson and British blues-rock guitarist Jeff Beck don't seem like the most natural tour mates. After all, their paths haven't crossed that often during the half century or so each has been in the music ind.. Read more

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As late as last summer, it looked like this year's 50th anniversary of the Beach Boys wouldn't offer much reason for fans to get excited. Yes, rumors of a 50th anniversary tour were flying, but at that point Brian Wilson was saying he didn' Read more

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The weather can usually be counted on to be at its worst during Milwaukee’s quarterly Gallery Night and Day events, where art venues debut new exhibits and host special events, but believe it or not, the weather should actually be pretty mi... Read more

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