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With the sci-fi adventure show Natalie Ryan and the Edge of Eternity playwrights Vince Figueroa and Beth Lewinski have written another script that is as in love with the feel of a summer blockbuster action film as it is with science fiction. The .. Read more


Less than four months after Barack Obama's inauguration, the right-wing propaganda machine is already promoting the only imaginable conclusion to a Democratic administration that dares to achieve a second term Read more

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Like all such monuments that former presidents construct to edify the public, the George W. Bush Presidential Center—opened with great ceremony in Texas last week—is mounted from its subject's point of view. Read more

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Vietnam was the quicksand France fell into after World War II and America soon followed. Pulitzer Prize-winner Peter Arnett's documentary is a fair-minded overview of the costly, confused struggle that cost hundreds Read more

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During the festival of falsehood held by Republicans in Tampa, Fla., a few weeks ago, perhaps the very biggest lie emanated from the mouth of Jeb Bush, the Florida politician, entrepreneur and potential heir to the GOP presidential dynasty.... Read more

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Nothing aggravates Republicans like seeing nasty, effective tactics upon which they have so long relied being... Read more

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With an unstable and unpopular government, Yemen has been torn by civil conflict and civil war... Read more

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