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Review of Eleanor Coppola’s feature film debut, the comedy Paris Can Wait. more

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The Boss Baby, voiced by Alec Baldwin, is a briefcase-toting infant who is 100% in charge at home, but he becomes threatened by Puppy Co. Inc.’s decision to create a pup so cute it will receive the love previously reserved for human babies. more

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Mission: Impossible—Rogue Nation, starring Alec Baldwin and Tom Cruise, is an action-packed thriller in which Cruise performs his own stunts. more

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In Aloha Bradley Cooper appears as a celebrated military contractor, Brian, who returns to Hawaii where he previously enjoyed a career triumph, but now teams up with a military pilot (Emma Stone) to stop a satellite launch. more

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It seemed unfathomable to me that Tina Fey had so muchtrouble selling a pilot post-"30 Rock".Sure I was disappointed when FX passed on Charlie Kaufman’s "How and Why," but that was probablydoomed from conception. But this was Tina Fey! "30 Rock.. more

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Although Woody Allen became a belated world traveler in recent years, setting films in Barcelona, London, Paris and Rome, he returns to familiar ground for much of Blue Jasmine. Half of the film unwinds in the tonier districts more

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To Rome With Love is no Midnight in Paris, but then, Woody Allen set the bar so high last summer that it may... more

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Because Jane has recently fallen into bed with her ex, Jane's goodfriends, played by Rita Wilson, Mary Kay Place, Alexandra Wentworth and Nora Dunn, dowhat good friends do. They rationalize on Jane's behalf. "He was yoursfirst," one frie,F... more

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