Alfred Stieglitz

Though the members of the Clay Collective specialize in diverse styles and methods, the association of regional artists is united by a shared love of getting a bit of dirt under their fingernails. They knead, throw, shape, shave, fire and g... Read more

Visual Arts

For most viewers today, color photography is taken for granted in art as in everyday life. This was not always the case, as documented in the Milwaukee Art Museum’s exhibition “Color Rush” (through May 19). Read more

Visual Arts

A crowd gathered at the Marshall Building’s Elaine EricksonGallery on one Saturday afternoon in January. They waited to listen to GeorgeSanquist and Yong-ran Zhu discuss their silver gelatin prints in the exhibition“Eye of the Beholder.”Ow.. Read more

Visual Arts

Rumors of secret psychic warfare projects are the basis for The Men Who Stare at Goats. An often-broad comedy spoofing everything from men’s movement nostrums to ecological good sense, and anything with a whiff of hippie idealism or New Age... Read more

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