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Tyler Friedman: You’vereferred to yourself a number of times as a member of Fluxus. Many artistsreject these labels, classifications, and –isms, feeling that they’reunnecessarily restrictive or just marketing tools. Of course the word ’Fluxus’.. Read more

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Conventionally, the interviewer issupposed to be as absent from the process and product as possible. The event isregarded as a sort of verbal homerun derby. The interviewer’s task is to lob apoem of a pitch over the heart of the pla.. Read more

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Fluxus won’t sit still and behave itself. Consequently, it is difficult to define what exactly Fluxus was, is, and will be. But, true to the term, it’s an art movement that keeps moving. The like-minded international community of subversive... Read more

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“Milwaukee is a great city, with all these great clubs,” says Trapper Schoepp, “but unfortunately it’s really hard to play out a lot when the frontman of your band can’t even buy a drink at a bar.”It’s a sentime Read more

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The Singing Image of Fire ,CD Reviews Read more

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