Alterra Coffee Roasters

Jesus Christ Superstar is coming to the big red church just down the street from the central library on Wisconsin Avenue. The popular concert version of the classic Tim Rice/Andrew Lloyd Weber will resonate through the church once more as In.. more


 Harvey Scales is aveteran Milwaukee musician whose career stretches back to the ‘60s. The NorthDivision graduate sang with an early version of The Esquires (remembered fortheir hit “Get on Up”) and emerged as a solo act .. more

I Hate Hollywood

Camp Bar owners Paul and Natalia Hackbarth say they modeled the bar after their cabin in northern Wisconsin. To judge by the looks of the establishment, it must be quite a cabin. For all its taxidermied animal heads, antle more

Dining Preview

Beyond serving us some of the world’s best coffee beans and tea leaves, as well as some of the tastiest locally sourced food in the city, the owners of Alterra have given Milwaukee and surrounding suburbs a comfortable haven, a place where ... more

Best of Milwaukee 2010

According to Germanexpressionist artist Ernst Kirchner you could tell a lot about an artist fromtheir prints. That’s certainly true of Richard Haas. Though best known for hislarge trompe l’oeil murals grafting the unsightly wounds of post wa.. more


Ice fishing tends to be one of those winter activities that the uninitiated find intensely bizarre . . . a bit like curling. Indeed, the idea of cutting a whole in the ice in a four-walled wooden closet with no floor in the middle of a desolate.. more


Once again, In Tandem’s long-lived local holiday comedy A Cudahy Caroler Christmas comes to the Marcus Center’s Vogel Hall. Born on a much smaller stage to a much smaller audience, it’s interesting to think of Chris Flieller in the role of south s.. more


  Thetitle of Crossing Dragon Bridge was inspiredby the landmark that Steve Wynn re Crossing Dragon Bridge ,CD Reviews more

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  Milwaukee's Barb and Tom Webber describetheir,CD Reviews more

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The Bad Dream Ticket USA Today ,Taking Liberties more

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From North Avenue to the South Side, from Shorewood to Brookfield, the MilwaukeeGhosts ,Books more

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  Hisbio maintains that Ilya Monosov was shaped by dissident Russian culture in thelate Soviet period and that this influence can be discerned in his music andEnglish-,CD Reviews more

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  Forsome, the adage “home is where the heart is” is a hackneyed platitu TheLemon Tree ,Books more