Artist, friend, sibling, lover, boss—when your identity is tied up in your current circumstances, can you ever fully define yourself?Can you integrate all aspects of your identity into one self at all times, or are you only certain self.. Read more

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Guitar Hero lives! But should it? GameStop wants your N64! Will this hurt the Retro Market? Plus Colin discusses the problems with Grand Theft Auto V ’s PC launch and Steve explains Detroit’s fascination with prune donuts.Let us know what you .. Read more

Video Games are Dumb

Many in our country, and especially in Wisconsin, are trying to figure out ways to lower the level of anger and conflict between those who disagree on political issues and public policy. Unfortunately, Milwaukee County Read more

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UW-Milwaukee is honoring 50 years of support for art, dance, design, music and theater by sponsoring the Peck School of the Arts' “Year of the Arts.” To jump-start the celebration, the... Read more

Visual Arts

Even in the midst of a disappointing, inconsistent season, Milwaukee Brewers fans could take pride in the selection of three legitimate All-Stars—Ryan Braun, Corey Hart and Yovani Gallardo—to the 2010 All-Star Game.Long-suffering Brewers fa... Read more

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In 2005, two years before his death, world-famous stuntman Evel Knievel promoted his last motorcycle ride at a Milwaukee Harley-Davidson dealership. Now the Harley-Davidson Museum pays tribute to the death-defying icon with the largest Read more

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The longest-running Rocky Horror Picture Show troupe in the world, celebrates its 30th ann The Water Horse: Legend of the Deep, ,This Week in Milwaukee Read more

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