Amanda Carson


Photo by Sara Risley

This month, Theatrical Tendencies presents Stop Kiss—a heroic romance that alternates between comedy and drama starring Amanda Carson and Amber Smith in irresistibly compelling performances. Read more




So two people are out late at night. They share a first kiss. They both happen to be women. So they get attacked. One of them is hospitalized. It can be rough enough for anyone to start a relationship. It’s that much more difficult when it happens.. Read more


Founded this past August by Robby and Mara McGhee and Alex Scheurell, All In Productions was created with the goal of taking risks through educating audiences and challenging artists. The company’s first production, The Last Five Years, is... Read more



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Next Week, All In Productions stages its production of The Last Five Years. It’s a dramatic romantic musical journey with an interesting plot structure. The play opens with a couple breaking up. It proceeds to show the couple meeting for the first.. Read more


T.I.M.: The Improvised Musical continued its monthly journey in March into long-form musical improv. The title drawn from audience suggestions this month was Book of Ninjas Read more


 The World's Stage Theatre opens its first ever Project: Working Title show this week with a production of a new play by Courtney Stirn. The premise behind P:WT is evidently to provide something of a pressure cooker for new material. A script i.. Read more


George Clinton now tours with a band billed as Parliament/ Funkadelic, giving the funk pioneer free reign to cull hits from both of his best- known ensembles (Parliament was the one that recorded “Flash Light,” for Read more

Today in Milwaukee

“Organist, pianist, caricaturist, dabbler in science, enamored of mathematics and astronomy, amateur comedian, critic, traveler, archaeologist—he is a restless man.” So American music critic Philip Hale described French composer Camille Read more

Classical Music

Good compositions by local composers were featuredamong 22 works, including those by chor Snow Dreams ,Classical Music/Dance Read more

Classical Music