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Milwaukee Entertainment Group presents the Legendary Albee Masterpiece Read more

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Based on the film by the same name, the musical Grey Gardens examines the dissolution of American royalty, recrimination and regret (a current Windfall Theatre production). Read more



Christmas time is here and that means one thing for kids of all ages: Santa Claus is coming to town. Or is he? And does he really exist? Read more


Cabaret Milwaukee’s latest offering of 1930s radio play-style shenanigans, The Clockwork Man, origins, delivers a captivating World War I melodrama along with fantastically fun entr’acte entertainments of the century passed. Read more


Amanda Hull has announced a new show that she’s been working on for the Brumder Mansion. Hull, who wrote a charming Alice In Wonderland-inspired show for the Brumder in the recent past brings the Brumder to the Scottish Highlands in the ’6.. Read more


Alchemist Theatre manifests a cozy, intimate production of Rocky Horror Show Live! that blends fresh performances with the spirit of the cult classic film. Read more


The Alchemist Theatre performs Richard O’Brien’s Rocky Horror Show Live with performances throughout October. Read more


Amanda J. Hull pays tribute to Lewis Carroll next month as Milwaukee Entertainment Group presents her new drama Hatter Madness. The Brumder Mansion plays host to an imagining of Wonderland after Alice has left. There is no Queen. the Cheshire Cat .. Read more


Idealism hasn’t fared well in the age of irony, but ideals are sometimes the signposts to a better world. Freedom Summer is a lyrical account of the often-naive Northern white college students who went to Mississippi in the summer of 1964 t... Read more


Touring the apartment of a recently deceased woman, Kate (Catherine Keener) acts noncommittal about the paintings on the walls, the mid-century modern furniture and the objects on the shelves. The dead woman’s son is bumbling and in a hurry... Read more

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