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Miller Park is getting a big new addition next year. Ina move that will probably anger the type of parent who complains when schools handout participation trophies, the Brewers announced that they are building a “Wallof Honor” outside the st.. Read more

Happening Now

Beneath the glamor of the fashion industry is a factory system built largely on the backs of ill-paid, often mistreated workers in “developing countries” and in Los Angeles, nowadays the hub of America’s garment industry for companies that haven.. Read more

I Hate Hollywood

Milwaukee’s East Side lost one of its historic landmarks early in the morning on Jan. 19, when after 40 years anchoring North Avenue, the restaurant Pizza Man burned down in a four-alarm blaze. The fire, which has been ruled arson, demolish... Read more

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Football?What’s that? The Packers’ fourth straight l Football?What’s that? The Packers’ fourth straight loss ousted them from both ,Sports Read more

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