Amnesty International

No one is a more fitting successor to Maricopa County Sheriff Joe Arpaio than Milwaukee County Sheriff David Clarke to fill the opening for the worst sheriff in America. more

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Comedians and musicians helped Amnesty International reach the masses with its mission to free political prisoners. For its 50th anniversary show, shot live at Radio City Music Hall, Amnesty recruited Coldplay and Mumford & Sons but focused... more

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 WhenBritain’s Peter Benenson founded Amnesty International in 1961, he wasconfronted not only by the reality that human dignity was routinely abused inmost of the world, but by apologists for human rights abuse in the West. Theyfell.. more

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Mention The Secret Policeman’s Ball and music usually comes to mind—performances by an array of top performers from the late ‘70s and early ‘80s in a series of fundraisers for Amnesty International. But comedy was always at the heart of the projec.. more

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When singer and guitarist Johnathon Mayer left Appleton and relocated to Bay View in Septe Blueheels,Surgeons in Heat and Tim Schweiger share a 10 p.m. bill at Mad Planet onSaturd ,Music Feature more

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Amnesty International put itself at the forefront of popular culture in the ‘70s when—years before Live AID—it inaugurated a series of “Secret Policeman’s Balls” to call attention to oppression in nations all over the world. The wonderful effect .. more

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Amnesty International was an obscure activist group for many years after its founding in 1961. Its mission to eliminate torture and free prisoners of conscience was thrust onto the pop culture stage by a series of Amnesty International events, th.. more

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During thecountless hours Chef Michael Feker spent cooking in the kitchens of thefinest restaurants, some of which have been his own, he was cr,Eat/Drink more

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Thehistoric center of Wauwatosa is a far cry from Mayfair Road. Alsocalled “The Village,” it house,Dining Out more

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  Formore than two decades John Sieger has been cranking out great songs, rangingfr TheShaming of the True ,CD Reviews more

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