Anaba Tea Room

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Video Games are Dumb

Many were disappointed when the Anaba Tea Room quietly closed its doors a few months ago. True, the menu was a bit quirky with lunches offering little more than pots of tea and tiny Read more

Dining Preview

The vespery palette is intentionally limited, striving to manage the grandeur: muted whites, algae greens and browns. Smoke and haze and fog. Her forms, though easily Read more

Visual Arts

On beautiful summer days, the rooftop garden of Anaba is one of the most spectacular places in town for lunch. In the cold season, Anaba withdraws to the darker comfort of the lower level of its garden shop. Either way, it offers an extensi... Read more

Best of Milwaukee 2011

When you first enter Shorewood’s Garden Room, it seems like an unlikely place for a restaurant. In fact, it feels more like you are walking into a garden center. But this is no ordinary place. Continue down a level and you will find the Ana... Read more

Dining Preview 2 Comments

Hunter S. Thompson was considered past his peak when he killed himself in 2005. During the high times of the 1960s and ‘70s, however, Thompson helped revitalize journalism through his audacity, his willingness to use the tactics of fiction in th.. Read more

I Hate Hollywood

Winners in the Best Tearoom category for Best of Milwaukee 2008. Read more

Best of Milwaukee 2008