Andre Lee Ellis


Photo Credit: Erin Bloodgood

“We need to take our hands off the trigger and put them in the soil, because if your hands are in the soil, you can’t have them on the trigger of a gun,” says Andre Lee Ellis. Read more


Milwaukee native Andre Lee Ellis is the founder of We Got This. The organization helps improve the lives of young black men through gardening on a city-provided lot at the corner of Ninth and Ring streets, and by mentoring to help instill p... Read more

Off the Cuff

We Got This, founded in 2014 by Andre Lee Ellis, is a grassroots, community-funded initiative that empowers and employs Milwaukee’s black males between the ages of 12-17. Read more


 Theatre group Andre Lee Ellis and Company closes out its 17th season next week with a tribute to the ancestral legacy of African American folk heroes. The cast of characters for Quiet As It’s Kept read like a who’s who of classic American folk .. Read more


The authors, architectural historians Jim Draeger and Mark Speltz, also issue a polite cal Fill'er Up: ,None Read more


Most would agree that surgery, auto repair and law enforcement are best left to professionals. Some might choose to add sports to this list, and for those who prefer to watch rather than do, Milwaukee serves up pro... Read more


<p><img width=\"300\" height=\"185\" border=\"0\" title=\"The cast of Andre Lee Ellis\' production of JITNEY\" alt=\"The cast of Andre Lee Ellis\' production of JITNEY\" src=\" Read more