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Ben Parman’s Starlings is a production that everyone—no matter skin color, religious beliefs or sexual preferences—should experience. Parman’s writing is intelligent and deeply moving, comedic and inspiring, fast-paced and intimate. The sho... Read more


Alchemist Theatre’s The Scene You Need is structured as a series of moments that hop and skip from one place to another. The settings range from a Veterans Services office to a nearly empty porn theater to the incomparable Studio 54. The sc... Read more


Last week, there was a well-written show by a local playwright that opened in the basement of the Brumder Mansion. This week there’s a well-written show by a local playwright that opens with the Alchemist Theatre. If all theatre in Milwaukee was.. Read more

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Another Sunday, another split decision by the Observers. While Frank followed his "baseball rules" rule to attend the Brewers' home finale, Artie hunkered down in his version of NFL Central, sticking pins in his Brett Favre voodoo bobblehea... Read more

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In Billy Wilder’s classic film The Apartment, Jack Lemmon played a junior executive whose advancement was keyed to loaning out his rooms to an ice-hearted boss for nocturnal sexual adventures. In Dinner for Schmucks, Paul Rudd plays a junio... Read more

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