Andy Warhol

Dudley Huppler was a 20th-century Wisconsin artist with impeccably gay credentials, including an association with Andy Warhol. Huppler’s story is retold eloquently in Robert Cozzolino’s book, Dudley Huppler: Drawings. more

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The documentary Danny Says shows that Danny Fields was a link between the gay underground, Andy Warhol and underground rock. The writer-DJ-A&R man signed MC5 and The Stooges and worked tirelessly to promote the CBGB’s scene. more

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Becoming Andy Warhol by Nick Bertozzi and Pierce Hargan is a “graphic novel biography” of Warhol in the early 1960s, already established as a commercial artist but wanting something more—the respect of being displayed in galleries and br... more

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Elaine Erickson Gallery closes with the exhibition “Fame: Paintings by Estelle Holleran.” more

Jun 9, 2015 8:09 PM Visual Arts

Alchemist Theatre’s The King of Pop plunges audiences into the aluminum foil-lined world of Andy Warhol’s “The Factory.” more

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Alchemist Theatre explores an interpretation of the life of Andy Warhol in The King of Pop. The comedic drama explores Warhol from the dawn of The Factory through to the end of its prominence in a remarkably tight, little presentation that include.. more

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Andy Warhol’s art doesn’t seem nearly as interesting to me as the man himself and various details about who he was as an artist. I love that William S. Burroughs and David Bowie had a conversation about him that’s a matter of public record. Burrou.. more

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Mao Tse-tung, French can-can dancer Jane Avril and a 1980s businessman, along with a $1,000 bill, walk into a gallery more

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The Fourth of July means flag-waving, burger-grilling, firework-watching, beer-drinking and picnic-having. It also means that a group of eccentric patriots will race down the Sheboygan River in extravagantly customized crafts letting their ... more

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TheAlchemist Theatre is looking to dosomething really promising with its 2015 season. It’s still quite a few monthsaway, but the group has already been posting some pretty elaborate looks at itsretro future. Witness the promo video for the sea.. more

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The Milwaukee Art Museum’s exhibition on American painter Thomas Sully is drawing its last breath on Jan. 5. Not sold? Perhaps the Thursday, Dec. 19, 30-minute, “Express Talk,” on some subjects of Sully’s celebrated portraits more

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Tyler Friedman: “TenPortraits of Jews of the Twentieth Century” by Andy Warhol is not the gatheringof assorted portraits; rather, it was conceived of as a sort of suite. It wascommissioned as a body of works. I thought we should begin with a.. more

Dec 16, 2013 7:59 PM Visual Arts

Pop Art ennobled pop culture. This is its enduring legacy. No one could turn Campbell’s Soup Cans into icons of modern art like Andy Warhol. Much of Warhol’s work plays with the theme of the mass media’s mass production more

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Despite his reputation as a shock-rocker, Marilyn Manson insists he doesn’t want to be shocking. In fact, he says, that’s impossible. “I think the only thing you can be in today’s world is chaos and confusing,” Manson explains. more

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Nowadays, a TV detective show featuring a Roman Catholic priest (and his nun sidekick) as the sleuths might have a sinister edge. But back in the '80s, the “Father Dowling Mysteries” basked in innocence. The episodes on the Second Season DVD show .. more

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<p> Maybe it's a measure of how constipated our culture has become that the '70s have begun to resemble a lost golden age of fashion and fun. At least back then, people didn't amuse themselves by tapping out short messages on their phones. Hey, m.. more

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<p>Milwaukee County Supervisor Willie Johnson Jr. and Bria Grant are vying to represent District 13 on the Milwaukee County Board of Supervisors. The general election will be held on Tuesday, April 3. (Not sure you live in District 13? Verify your.. more

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About twenty years ago, my father was Assistant Artistic Director of the Organic Theatre in Chicago. At the time they were in the early planning stages of working on developing a projecta play about Ultra Violet. This particular Ultra Violet was.. more

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