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Two years in the making, Bosnian singer Amira Medunjanin’s Damar is a powerful album full of emotion and relatable themes such as longing, sorrow and hope. Even if one does not understand the language, the passion and sentiment is felt thro... Read more

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In Cheese Curls in Vietnam: The Legacy of Family & War, Milwaukee-born author Rosie Hartmann shares a lovely, heartfelt, and sincere memoir about her journey to Vietnam. As her story unfolds, readers become familiar with Agent Orange, the T... Read more


This year, the Milwaukee Repertory Theater continues the holiday tradition with a new adaption of Charles Dickens’ A Christmas Carol by Artistic Director Mark Clements. Read more

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Matt Butler’s debut album, Reckless Son, is a heartfelt recollection of his own experiences and life lessons. While the album may be the byproduct of a low point in Butler’s life, the result is a wonderfully crafted album that is truthful a... Read more

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When first hearing the premise of The Book of Mormon, a satirical musical about Mormon missionaries in Uganda, one might be skeptical about how successful a show like this can be. But the musical b,Theater Read more


Antiques on Pierce (1512 W. Pierce St.) offers two stories full of unique items to browse through. With the mall’s first-year anniversary approaching on Nov. 2, co-owner Cheryl Belli sat down to discuss its success and what’s in store for t... Read more

Off the Cuff

Aditya and Mythili Prakash are a sibling duo who, through the influence of South Indian classical music and dance, explore the mind and metaphysical struggles of humanity. The music of MARA is seductive, compelling and an overall experience... Read more

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