Ann Dowd

 Sandrais the frazzled, frumpy middle-aged manager of a fast-food outlet, strugglingto ride herd over her young, disaffected minimum-wage workers. She is hardpressed to keep her job; one of her workers left the freezer open the nigh.. Read more

I Hate Hollywood

Frazzled, middle-aged Sandra is having a bad day. The freezer at the fast-food restaurant she manages wasn’t closed properly the night before, food has spoiled and, rumor has it, someone from franchise quality... Read more

Film Reviews

Alabama songwriter A.A. Bondy doesn’t seem to think much of his ’90s grunge band Verbena. Though the group retains a following, he dismisses it as if it were a passing, childish phase. This decade Bondy traded his electric guitar for an aco... Read more

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