ElmoreLeonard’s terse crime stories seem almost readymade for the movies, and he’sbeen eager to help translate them from page to screen. Leonard co-wrote thescreenplay for the adaptation of his novel 52 Pick-up . The 1986 thriller bydirector J.. Read more

I Hate Hollywood

Forest Whitaker is commanding as the furtive giant Angel Sanchez, a deeply disturbed man who seeks help from Tommy Carter (Anthony Mackie). A smooth-talking, bestselling life coach, proffering truths along with New Age jive, Tommy has rewri... Read more

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 Therereally was a generation gap—a gaping chasm—between the rock’n’rollers and theold school entertainers of the previous era. Nowhere was this more evident thanin the 1963 movie Bye Bye Birdie , adapted from a recent Broadway hit... Read more

I Hate Hollywood

Although they created major buzz, with a little help from a red hot Jack White, with the 2003 single “Danger! High Voltage,” Detroit’s Electric Six somehow failed to parlay that excitement into lasting mainstream recognition. It wasn&rsq Read more

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