Annie Kefalas

Three late-19th century women explore the strange wonders of “Terra Incognita” in Marquette Theatre’s production of On the Verge (or the Geography of Yearning); the character-driven, science fantasy time-travel drama features a capable cast of four. Read more


A play about ghostly mischief is filled with opportunity for theater magic, an opportunity which Marquette Theatre seizes in their production of Blithe Spirit. Read more


A writer decides to contract the services of a spirit medium in the interest of getting material for his next book. After the séance, the writer’s very assertive ex-wife begins to haunt him in ways that only an intimate relation can. It’s a .. Read more


Once again this year Downtown Milwaukee will be adorned with 360 wreaths, 17 Moravian stars and over 500,000 lights for its annual holiday display. Pere Marquette Park has been transformed into a Snow Ball featuring Frosty and other Read more

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