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Filmed before Hollywood imposed a self-censorship code on its productions, Bad Girl is an emotionally, socially, sexually frank glimpse of working-class life and gender mores at the dawn of the Great Depression. Read more

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Sometimes Dane DeHaan bares a sideways resemblance to James Dean; what’s more remarkable about director Anton Corbijn’s film, Life, is the recreation of the places Dean inhabited as recorded in period photos. Read more

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Philip Seymour Hoffman was among the great actors of his generation, and while he played many parts, he was especially at home when suffering no fools. In A Most Wanted Man, his final starring role before his death earlier this year, Hoffm... Read more

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“Existence? Well, what does it matter?” asks Ian Curtis at the opening of Control. “The past is now part of the future. The present is well out of hand.” By this time his grip on the present had so weakened that he killed himself on the eve .. Read more

I Hate Hollywood

By Louis Fortis and Lisa Kaiser In March 2003, the United Shepherd ,News Features Read more

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