Worrying is not an actual psychiatric diagnosis but if it were, I’d say it’s an epidemic. Unlike many epidemics, though, there’s no vaccine to prevent it or a quick, handy antidote should it strike. more

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Often when I’m invited to do things with people I lie or make up a reason why I can’t join them, but then I worry I’ll get busted somehow, and people will be hurt or mad. more

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WebsterX looks back on a major battle with depression and anxiety, in his own singular way, on the rapper’s long-anticipated debut album, Daymares. more

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Although he was never one to romanticize suffering, for Hayward Williams, depression was the devil he knew. Over the years the Milwaukee songwriter had learned to accept the condition, and, like many artists, even take inspiration from it.... more

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No matter how "evolved" a person gets, it seems like the one thing that can manage to bring a person down is getting sucked back into a bad family dynamic. Instead of moving cross-country to escape (or wishing you could), the workshop below could .. more

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