Apples In Stereo

Inthe past, we’ve known what to expect in advance of an Alchemist TheatreHalloween show. Whether it’s Dracula or the Devil in the White City or Jack theRipper, we’ve always had a pretty clear understanding of the type of storyAaron Kopec and c.. Read more


The Apples in Stereo laid the foundation for what would become one of the defining indie-pop sounds of the ’90s: upbeat tunes, sugar-coated melodies and symphonic flourishes, all wrapped into an unassuming, lo-fi package. Read more

Today in Milwaukee

The Pabst Theater Foundation announced today four shows coming to the Pabst Theater or Turner Hall Ballroom this spring, including ... Read more

On Music

For many politicians and activists, "reality" is a projection of fear, desire and illusion, and nowhere is this truer than in the Middle East. Israeli novelist David Grossman argues that lit,Books Read more