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The pop star has bumped her Milwaukee concert back in order to headline Coachella. Read more

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The pre-sale for the pop singer's latest tour begins Thursday. Read more

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The massive Arte Para Todos festival takes over three neighborhoods while Ariana Grande graces the Bradley Center. Read more

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“First things first, I’m the realest,” Iggy Azalea declared on her breakout hit “Fancy,” almost begging to be challenged. While Azalea may be real in the literal, Webster’s Dictionary se,Concert Reviews Read more

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In case anybody was beginning to doubt Nickelodeon's star-making power, former network regular Ariana Grande has broken out of the tween bubble over the last couple of years to emerge as a genuine pop star. Of course it helps that, unlike many Nic.. Read more

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When Jay Vance, former bassist with ska-punk outfits Skankin’ Pickle and Blue Meanies, built a few robot musicians to jam with, he unwittingly sowed the seeds of his (and our) downfall. He was promptly enslaved by his robotic creations, and... Read more

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