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Winners in the Arts and Entertainment category for Best of Milwaukee 2017 including subcategories like Best Art Gallery, Best Movie Theater, Best Theater Company and more. more

Best of Milwaukee 2017

A new contemporary art gallery from John Sobczak and TinaSchinabeck is opening in Walker’s Point next Friday, June 16 at 900 S. 5th St.Suite 102.The Alice Wilds, named after a 1892Lake Michigan shipwreck, will launch with.. more

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Cbabi (pronounced kuh-bob-bi) Bayoc is anartist who has always known, and lived, his calling: creating art whichreflects his love of music and family. Hailing from East St. Louis, Cbabi Bayoc will be unveiling his most recent works, from a serie.. more

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Patrice Procopio is artistic director of Third Coast Style. After opening last September at 514 N. Water St., it quickly gained a reputation for hip events, fashion shows and workshops for things like “upcycled” earrings, origami photo a... more

Off the Cuff

RedLine Milwaukee is an art gallery and studio space as well as a mecca for artists and arts education in Milwaukee. It has a community print shop and computer room, a classroom and a meeting room, library, kitchen more

A&E Feature

Nick Hornby is not a songwriter. He has occasionally written about songs (most extensively in his 2003 essay collection Songbook), and often written about characters who listen to songs (most famously in his 1995 breakthrough novel High Fid... more

Music Feature

After graduating from Minneapolis College of Fine Art and Design in 1995, musician Mark Mallman immediately dove into a puzzling array of projects in the Twin Cities circuit. As a glam-rock-leaning songwriter, he spent half a decade more

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