Art Institute Of Wisconsin

The Milwaukee Short Film Festival, located this year at the Fox Bay Cinema Grill, offers two days of films 15 minutes or less in length. The selections are from all over the world but include many minority and women directors from Milwaukee... Read more

Film Reviews

This year’s Milwaukee Fashion Week event, taking place Sept. 22-24, promises many rewards for the local fashion community. Twenty-four Midwestern designers will be featured, most of whom hail from Wisconsin and some of whom are students or ... Read more

A&E Feature

Certain pursuitsare more conducive than others to the development of prodigies. The more thatwisdom and judgment are required, the less likely that mastery precedes the ageof consent. So - pace Doogie Howser -we don't find M.D.s without the ab.. Read more

Visual Arts

Railing against the uniform blandness of American society, for his exhibit “Freak Parade” at Marquette’s Haggerty Museum of Art, Thomas Woodruff, chair of the illustration and cartooning department at New York’s School of Visual Ar Read more

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