Arts And Crafts

What if there was a craft fair that was just the geeky handmade stuff that you see in the Artist Alley section of comic book conventions? Read more


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Video Games are Dumb

TheCedarburg Cultural Center will be showing the Packers game on Sept. 21 duringtheir annual Wine and Harvest Festival. A full bar with bloody mary and mimosaspecials will be available, as well as complimentary Jell-o shots for Packerstouchdow.. Read more

Happening Now

Summer in Milwaukee means lakeshore festivals filled with food and music. It also means many chances to experience prestigious fine art fairs within 100 miles of Downtown. The following list is but a small sample of the wide variety... Read more

Visual Arts

Eau Claire drummer S. Carey parlayed his fandom of Bon Iver’s For Emma, Forever Ago into a gig touring with that group. Between tours, Carey pieced together the songs that would make up his 2010 solo album, All We Grow , intricately Read more

Today in Milwaukee

The films of Britain’s Danny Boyle cut through both the preciousness of American indies and the intellectual rigor of the European art house. Boyle’s twentysomethings are more likely to dismember a dead man’s body to conceal the theft of his ill-.. Read more

I Hate Hollywood

Boulevard Theatre closes its 24th season with the Midwest premiere of Patricia Durante and Betsy Tuxill’s warm family comedy It’s Your Mother , a play about the distinct (and sometimes tested) bond between mothers and daughters Read more

Today in Milwaukee

In February, Elizabeth Russell, 45, and her 13-year-old daughter were arrested inHartford, Conn., and charged with shoplifting from a Kohl’s departmentstore. Upon hearing of the arrests, her husb,Chuck Shepherd's News of the Weird Read more

News of the Weird