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Milwaukee High School of the Arts has cultivated programs to educate “the whole child" by merging arts with academia. The Shepherd Express interviews MHSA principal Barry Applewhite. more

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Cream City Farms is an urban farm located in Milwaukee’s 30th Street Industrial Corridor. more

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In this time of deep polarization, how often do you engage folks with whom you disagree? Truly engage with them and recognize their humanity—not fight with them, cut them out of your life or troll them on the Internet? more

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Arts @ Large (908 S. Fifth St.) offers Milwaukee Public Schools a three-year integrative program that incorporates themed experiential learning through arts and humanities activities that are targeted to meet the needs of participating scho... more

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 Igrew up as a fan of The Who, and it came as a puzzle, hearing of a similarlynamed British cultural export, someone called Doctor Who. I gathered he was aneccentric in a long trailing scarf that traveled through space and time in ap.. more

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How do elementary school childrenincorporate art into their daily schedule? Arts @ Large places artists such as Andrea Skyberg in school residencies at Milwaukee schools across the city.Over the last year, Skyberg collaborated with Cooper, Fairv.. more

Dec 6, 2012 2:14 PM Visual Arts

Spring Gallery Night and Day arrives in Milwaukee April 20-21, featuring works of art at 60-plus venues throughout the city. In addition to galleries, Milwaukee colleges and universities use this opportunity to present top student works... more

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Whatis Arts @ Large and how did you get involved? Arts @ Large is anorganization simil Whatis Arts @ Large and how did you get involved? ,Off the Cuff more

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Retique 190 N. Broadway 273-1797 Runners-,Best of Milwaukee 2009 more

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