Dear EarthTalk: Is it true that asthma cases in children often correlate to living close to roads and all the associated pollution-spewing traffic?—Jake Locklear more

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Foreign correspondent Anthony Shadid had often been praised for bravery in covering Iraq and Libya, but the Pulitzer Prize winner's greatest characteristics were intelligence and insight. Before his death early this year in Syria (from an a... more

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Searching for evidence of the Ice Age in Death Valley may sound paradoxical, but to find that evidence is proof that the world’s climate was once vastly different than it has been since humans have kept records. The documentary “A Global Warning?.. more

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Dear EarthTalk:Is it true that global warming can make Dear EarthTalk: ,News Features more

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  As mentioned in my previous blog, I am not a medical professional. I often try alternative treatments instead of or in addition to mainstream medical treatment. Today I'm writing about my daughter, Maddie, who had a problem with both tear duct.. more

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