Sounding like a Midwest Gang of Four or a more muscular Pere Ubu, Madison’s Appliances-SFB seamlessly blended witty, informed lyrics with visceral, angular, driving music. Sadly, this reissue of,Album Reviews more

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Set in Oregon in the near future, The Last Survivors is a well-dramatized, -acted and -written story of a world without rain. more

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A perfect blend of academic excellence and artistic creativity, the Milwaukee Public Museum's “Art and the Animal” exhibition (through Sept. 3) displays award-winning artwork from the Society of Animal Artists. Members of the society expl more

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On the 12th anniversary of Christopher Wallace's death, DJ Drama and Cookin' Soul released their long-teased Notorious B.I.G. Tribute album, a collection that binds chopped-up snippets of Biggie's best-known songs with new, mostly Wallace-themed v.. more

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Although separated by an ocean and multiple time zones, the Australian Outback bears remar Australia ,Film more

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Endlessly compared to Sarah McLachlan and Vanessa Carlton because, well, she sounds an awful lot like both of those artists, Missy Higgins is a bona fide star in her native Australia, where she’s charted regularly since her next-big-thing emergen... more

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  MidnightOil frontman Peter Garrett has become a politician and serves as a ministe Diesel andDust ,CD Reviews more

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Just wanted to say thank you all for reading every day. Hope everyone has a great day filled with family, friends, food and football. Enjoy the time you have folks, even when they get on your nerves, it's the only family you've got.Today I'm thank.. more

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