Pianist Mike Jones travels well-explored ground with Roaring, a collection of standards with a 1920s dateline. With a deft set of hands on the keys, Jones plays with the melodies, teasing out pleasantries and digressions that reflect on the... Read more

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Impending parenthood is very dramatic. I suppose it could also be construed by some to be musical. Back in the early 1980s, Richard Maltby Jr., David Shire and Sybille Pearson wrote a musical on the subject. It follows the lives of three couples a.. Read more


In the wake of yet another well-armed madman killing and maiming innocent Americans, we are again rediscovering... Read more

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Between DVRs, DVDs and daily ODs on cough syrup, today’s kids canpretty much raise won’t ,Banana Soup Read more

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