Back And Forth

Local playwright and funnyman Patrick Schmitz is a busy guy. This month he has not one, but two different scripts making their formal debut in two different formats.Today's...or, actually...This Sunday's Tom Sawyer On March 6th, Wisconsin Hybr.. more


 Some time ago, Patrick Schmitz exhaustively interviewed an exhaustive number of people involved in local theatre. (75, actually.) It was research for an upcoming script about life in local, Midwestern theatre. Some time ago, there was a reading.. more


This loaded concert brings more major contemporary R&B singers to Milwaukee than the city usually hosts in an entire season. As the top of the bill is Keyshia Cole, whose offsets her urbane, adult-contemporary friendly sound with a streetwi... more

Today in Milwaukee

It's a Milwaukee version of the challenge "Build and They Shall Come." The passi Ministry of Fear ,A&E Feature more

A&E Feature