While Minnesota residents can expect lower health insurance premiums in 2018, many Wisconsinites will endure insurance prices that continue to rise dramatically. What can we do? more

Nov 7, 2017 4:44 PM Issue of the Week 3 Comments

Our health system suffers from too many for-profit entities seeking their cut. But a simple solution is now out there: Bring back the public option. In Wisconsin, this means expanding BadgerCare so it can compete with private insurance comp... more

Jun 20, 2017 4:53 PM Issue of the Week 4 Comments

Facing a deficit going into the two-year budget cycle that begins in July, Gov. Scott Walker has proposed slashing funding for the University of Wisconsin System, public K-12 education and other vital programs. But Walker doesn’t have to ma... more

May 5, 2015 9:32 PM Issue of the Week 1 Comments



If Wisconsin Gov. Scott Walker wants to run on his budget-crafting acumen—and show his billionaire donors that he’s an independent thinker—he would fully embrace the Affordable Care Act and scuttle his own version of health care reform. Wal... more

Feb 17, 2015 10:05 PM Issue of the Week 4 Comments

Wisconsin will face a $2.2 billion deficit in the next budget. Scott Walker is blaming President Obama but Walker’s own agenda helped to create the deficit. more

Nov 25, 2014 11:13 PM Issue of the Week 3 Comments

In addition to the statewide referendum on the Transportation Fund, Milwaukee County voters will find four advisory questions on the Nov. 4 ballot. We think they all deserve your support. more

Oct 29, 2014 12:38 PM News Features 3 Comments

Milwaukee County voters may be in for a bit of a shock when they find five referendum questions on the Nov. 4 general election ballot. One is a statewide more

Oct 21, 2014 10:58 PM News Features 10 Comments

We’re back with the latest installment of You Be the Judge, where our team of independent fact-checkers looks at a claim, puts it in context, goes beyond the carefully worded claim to break more

Sep 30, 2014 8:01 PM News Features 8 Comments

A new review of policies put in place during Gov. Scott Walker’s term in office shows Wisconsin breaking with longstanding state tradition by cutting taxes for the wealthy more

Aug 12, 2014 5:43 PM Issue of the Week 7 Comments

This is a landmark week for those who have fought for access to affordable health care. Across the country, millions of Americans—including some of this nation’s more

Apr 3, 2014 6:37 PM Issue of the Week

Question: Do I have to be concerned about the end of the open enrollment period on March 31 if I don’t buy an individual policy? more

Mar 24, 2014 6:10 PM News Features

Question: How many people have already signed up for Obamacare? more

Feb 9, 2014 6:27 PM News Features

Question: Do I still have time to sign up for Obamacare?Answer: Yes, the Affordable Care Act gives people ample opportunity to sign up for quality and affordable health care more

Jan 5, 2014 10:22 PM News Features

Republican Gov. Scott Walker’s new memoir, Unintimidated, is yet the latest example of his attempt to raise his national profile and run for president in 2016. If you know little about Scott more

Dec 26, 2013 2:26 AM Issue of the Week

Pope Francis, living wage, minimum wage, David Bowen, Milwaukee County, Center on Wisconsin Strategy, COWS, UW-Milwaukee, fast food, service industry, health care, income inequality, Medicaid, BadgerCare, FoodShare, Earned Income Tax Credit... more

Dec 20, 2013 12:41 AM Issue of the Week

Sometimes the simplest solution is the best one.That’s true in the case of the Medicaid expansion as set forth in the Affordable Care Act. The law more

Dec 5, 2013 4:44 PM Issue of the Week

Question: Can I speak to someone about signing up for Obamacare? Or must I sign up through the website?Answer: Thanks to Obamacare, tens of millions of Americans more

Nov 10, 2013 5:01 PM News Features

It’s been a rough couple of weeks for Obamacare.Yes, the Affordable Care Act survived a defunding attempt that crippled Washington. But the more

Oct 30, 2013 1:34 AM News Features