On Ascending, Bosnian singer Amira Medunjanin focuses on melancholy Balkan soul with intensely passionate singing rising from melodies of maximum yearning. Read more

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Brooklyn-based vocalist Eva Salina explores the songs of Serbian-Roma singer Vida Pavlović, a prominent recording artist in the former Yugoslavia, on her new album. Read more

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A touch of Appalachian spring can sometimes be heard amid the Balkan melancholy, wiry rhythms and whirling dance steps of Harmonia. The Cleveland band, founded by third-generation American Walt Mahovlich of Hungarian-Croatian heritage... Read more

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If Weather Report had blown in from the Eastern bloc, they might have sounded something like Choban Elektrik. On their new CD, the New York band infuses a slippery, shifting fusion sound with distinctly Balkan, east-of-the-Adriatic melodies... Read more

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Meryl Streep is an actress of astonishing range, fully inhabiting characters in films as different as Sophie’s Choice and Mama Mia. In Theater of War, a documentary on the 2006 New York production of Mother Courage and Her Children, we watch as .. Read more

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Ilija’sPlace (3701 E. Squire Ave.) is a former corner bar on a side street inCudahy. It’s worth looking for. Inside is a friendly ethnic sensoryoverload with walls covered in icons, geomet,Dining Out Read more

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