Bar Food


Photo Credit: Ari LeVaux

Hot peppers and cheese are a winning combination, so here is a recipe for roasted jalapeño with cheese and bacon. Read more

Flash in the Pan


Photo Credit: Nick Kudrys

Under the glass roof of Venue 42, diners at Glass + Griddle can enjoy a vast array of flavorful bar foods with a modern twist. Read more

Dining Out 1 Comments

The Hideaway Pub & Grill is worth the drive for its great soul food, as well as Cajun and Caribbean dishes. Read more

Short Order

Old World Third Street offers several attractions for the food lover. In addition to Usinger’s, the Spice House and the Wisconsin Cheese Mart, there also are many restaurants, with Mader’s being the oldest... Read more

Dining Preview

Found this on Deadspin Mallards fans eat beetles for free Duck Blind tickets (with photos)                The Capital Times                                      7/18/2008 6:49 am Would you eat a beetle for $30? Well, as many as 250.. Read more

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