Barney Frank

Filmmaker Ross McElwee awakened to a strange dream of immense prehistoric plants, the air humid with their heat. He decided the leaves were tobacco; his wife added that the dream meant he missed his Southern home, especially those old tobacco fie.. more

I Hate Hollywood

In the 1990s, I fell into a confident, reasonable New York Times attitude toward the world, one that consigned conspiracy theories to the wing nut bin. Then 911 happened and the world came to look less like the Times op-ed page than the overheate.. more

I Hate Hollywood

However, when I read about the case of the AIG executives, I nearly choked on my delicious strand of Honduran jerky. Here, in AIG, we have perhaps the largest group of incompetent or crimina,Left and Right more

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With the government bailouts of companies like AIG, it is a question that the Federal Government needs to ask itself. Why would private investors want to accept bailout funds, or participate in the &quot,Left and Right more

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It is not an oversimplification to state that this financial crisis began, both in time that ,Left and Right more

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If you’ve donated to theAdvocates for Student Achievement (ASA), you should ask for your moneyback. The pro-voucher “reform” ,Expresso more

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