If players are indeed less likely to pursue free agency after seeing what happened to some of their peers this winter, then the Brewers are one team that could see an opportunity to work on long-term extensions for some of their young contributors. more

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Among the first group of eleven cuts that the Brewers made late last week were some of the organization’s top prospects. Here’s a quick look at what we learned about them this spring. more

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As the Brewers continue to work with Braun on a possible move to first base there hasn’t been a lot of discussion about what that means for Thames, who does not have a clear opportunity to remain in the lineup if his defensive position is occupied. more

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He’s still a long way away from winning a major league job with the Brewers, but Ji-Man Choi did not miss any opportunities this weekend to demonstrate some of the things he’s capable of. more

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During the Brewers’ years at County Stadium, the old ballpark changed a bit. But there were proposals floated over the years for much more dramatic changes that never came into being. more

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Cactus League games begin this week for the Brewers and if you want to catch them all, your schedule is pretty simple. more

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As the Milwaukee Brewers report to spring training this week they’ve selected a possible big change: Moving Ryan Braun, at least part of the time, to first base. more

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The team hopes an early ticket sale for Wisconsin residents only will leave a few less seats open for Cubs fans to cuss out Ryan Braun. more

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For the players who have yet to accumulate enough service time to qualify for arbitration, there’s really not much room for negotiation. more

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A sudden turn in the Brewers’ offseason brought a new level of excitement to Brewers On Deck over the weekend as a jam-packed crowd gathered at the Wisconsin Center to meet, among others, returning hero Lorenzo Cain. more

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The bottom teams in the NL Central should serve as a reminder that things could be much worse in Milwaukee. more

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A look back at some of the lesser-known big league teams of Wisconsin. more

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Steamer, one of baseball’s most oft-used and respected projection models, predicts Anderson will have a 4.90 ERA in 2018, over two runs worse than his mark from a year ago. more

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Each year at the start of spring training teams talk a big game about strategic changes they’re considering making for the season ahead. more

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In sports, some things go on so long they start to seem eternal. The Brewers have a good example of this phenomenon in Ryan Braun’s contract. more

Jan 2, 2018 9:13 AM Milwaukee Brewers

At this point, the Brewers’ offseason news could be covered in depth on one side of an index card. more

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Across Major League Baseball the offseason is off to a bit of a slow start, at least partially because of one of the more unique and bizarre player situations in recent memory. more

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There’s an old adage saying you can never have too many catchers, but the Brewers appear poised to test that notion. more

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Scott Boras has become an infamous MLB agent at least in part because he’s very good at finding a team willing to pay or exceed top dollar for his clients. In recent years, that process has included making a lot of calls to Mark Attanasio’s office. more

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It's going to be a busy winter for the Brewers. more

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