Batboy: The Musical

On the right there was a picture of Jordan Gwiazdowski looking particularly hirsute. On the left there he was completely hairless with fangs and no pigmentation in either eye. It was a poster for Greendale Community Theatre’s production of Batboy.. more


The long-lived popularity of the Weekly World News’ millennial Bat Boy character was something of a throwback to an earlier print industry. The character, who appeared in well over 50 stories in the Weekly World News over the course of its last .. more


Recalling at times Cracker, another band with a shared love of both Americana and alternative rock, Milwaukee’s Union Pulse lean roots-rock also draws inspiration from storied Minnesotan rock bands like The Replacements and Soul Asylum. Aft... more

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When she debuted as a pop singer in '60s Swinging London, Marianne Faithfull was like the Broken English ,CD Reviews more

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