Bay View Massacre

Milwaukee author Lisa Ann Jacobsen reminds us in her just-out book, Kinnickinnic Avenue: The Heart of Bay View, WI, that the Bay View neighborhood has a long history. Read more


Free Shakespeare in the park does not come cheap. There are royalties to be paid. The author's kind of a control freak and he's only available during certain times of the day by Ouija board. All of the empty space at the venue has to be catalogu.. Read more


There's been a bit of a glitch in Madison with the installation of Generic bureaucrat template A with the right-wing supply-side option. Like all supply-side models, he's a bit twitchy. There have been demonstrations. We're going to have to repl.. Read more


In 1866, a Detroit capitalist namedEber Ward launched the Milwaukee Iron Co. in Bay View. Cream City Chronicles ,Milwaukee Color Read more

Happening Now

In spite of its deep-set reputation as an urban hellhole, Baltimore is home to one of the sunniest electronic music scenes in the states, and the boy-girl duo Ear Pwr is one of the most chipper, childlike acts in the scene, marked by twee s... Read more

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