Ruthie answers a question from a reader considering his husband’s request for a three-way, and plugs fun spring events like a lecture on the Garden Conservancy at Villa Terrace (April 8), the LGBT Community Center’s Women’s Out to Brunch (A... more

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Alaska’s brown bears receive the Disney nature film treatment as a mother and her two newborn cubs are followed throughout the first year of their lives. With avalanche season looming, Sky awakens from her more

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As a Packer fan, I’m not thrilled about playing the Bears. When it comes to rivalries as old as this one, it’s not as simple as who is the better team. I love how well the Packers have been playing and I think they can win, but you never know what.. more

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...when even the ref is trying to keep from laughing at you.... more

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The latest production from Bay View’s fiercely independent Alchemist Theatre, The Temples of Nadir, is a drama written, directed and produced by Eric Theis. Set in Asheville, N.C., in 1889, the play centers around an African-American songwr... more

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Itis our nostalgic claim to Irishness that finds us in a smoky corner baron St. Patrick’s Day, teetering, green beer in hand, before an aluminumserving tray piled high with lukew,Eat/Drink more

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Onsunny days the light streams into the large windows of A Taste of ArtCoffee Bar & Deli (4701 W. Lisbon Ave.). Standard offerings ofcoffee drinks and fruit smoothies get a boost from a menu that s,Dining Out more

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Withhisgrim visage, tight lips and square jaw, Salomon (“Sally”) Sorowitschr The Counterfeiters, ,Film more

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In the closing second of the Detroit Lions/Chicago Bears game yesterday, Calvin Johnson caught what was thought to be a game-winning touchdown pass. Instead, the play was reviewed and because he didn’t have the ball when he stood up, it was ruled .. more

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