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Everybody in the land should attend a performance of Milwaukee Ballet’s Beauty and the Beast, Michael Pink and company’s finest work to date. Read more



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With Beauty and the Beast, the Milwaukee Ballet’s Michael Pink adds another full-length ballet to a body of work that includes his original takes on varied literary sources. Read more

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On a relatively modest budget, the Sunset Playhouse in Elm Grove stages an emotional production of Alan Menken’s Beauty and the Beast. Read more


Local opera lovers need to make it to the richly charming Skylight Music Theatre production of what is titled Beauty and the Beast, an adaptation of the André Grétry 1771 opera Zémire et Azor. Ever,Theater Read more

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For those theatergoers who can never get enough of Beauty and the Beast (and that includes the new live action version), there's a new "live action" production in town. Read more


Director Bill Condon commissioned several new songs for his live action reboot of Beauty and the Beast, which was predicted to make a princely $150 million during its opening weekend. Read more

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Zémire et Azor, an operatic version of Beauty and the Beast, appears at the Cabot Theatre; Between Two Worlds, a concert of Slovenian music by Master Singers of Milwaukee and Carthage Choir, appears at North Shore Congregational St. John’s ... Read more

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Disney has yet another Beauty and the Beast in the pipeline. Meanwhile, the 2014 French version of La belle et la bête is out on Blu-ray and dubbed in English. Despite the fairytale voiceover narration, this rendition verges on PG-13 for se... Read more

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In matters of entertainmentwe tend to prefer familiar favorites. And not without reason. To squanderprecious leisure time on a dud is a fate worse than work – at least then wecould have enjoyed the satisfaction of productivity.One of t.. Read more

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It was a French fairy tale. Then it was a Jean Cocteau movie. Then it was a big hit with Disney. (I might be glossing over some history, but this is “a tale as old as time.”) This summer the Alan Menken musical theater adaptation of the classic.. Read more


The Milwaukee Film Festival has announced itsfirst eight official film selections, in honor of the festival’s 8th year. Metropolis featuring live musical accompaniment from Alloy Orchestra, Clement Cogitore’s Neither Heaven Nor Earth , and a.. Read more

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 Oconomowoc’s Theatre On Main will be staging a production of Beauty & the Beast Junior this coming February and they’re looking to cast it this month. This would be the stage adaptation of the musical based on the animated feature from the ear.. Read more


Actually, it’s not a “tale as old as time.” Like most fairy tales, Beauty and the Beast is likely only a few hundred years old. And as the earliest recorded versions of the story feature middle-class characters, it may be one of the youngest fair.. Read more


It's something of a shame that local Celtic harpist Mary Ann Miller didn't make Legendary a DVD as well as a CD. To see her nimble fingers gliding and plucking across the strings could make the 16 tracks presented here even more mesmerizing... Read more

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Among the freaks describing in breathtaking detail through monologues in Youngblood Theatre’s production of Carson Kreitzer’s Freakshow : pinheads, a human salamander and a dog-faced lady. There’s a patchwork feel to the script Read more

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He’s not a celebrity chef, but few names in food circles carry more weight than Michael Pollan’s. Over a series of four best-selling books, the journalist and food activist has examined the sad state of the American diet and the Read more

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Now,amid swirling and hopeful reports that Lauderdale’s been collaborating with Milwaukee’s own PaulCebar, he gives us a fiddle-crying, Kentucky-fried wash of strings and dustyheartaches. Opening with some ragged banjo and hot-potato rif,CD... Read more

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Friday night Fish Fry has never seemed like such a good idea when you mix in a free outdoor movie! Even better are the great Point beer specials! Catch the Fish Fry and a Flick on Friday, August 14 when the outdoor movie is Pulp Fiction! Ch... Read more


By his middle years as a composer (often dubbed his "Heroic Period"), Ludwig van Where the Corners Meet ,Classical Music/Dance Read more

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