Not only lovers of Beck’s ’90s music should find nourishment in Samso’s Freedom Seeds; so could outliers among psychedelic rockers and Americana enthusiasts. more

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We weigh in on the great mystery of the day: Is Taylor Swift a neo-Nazi? more

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Beck is one of the defining artists of my generation. So why doesn’t his music mean more to me? more

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You'd think that at some point over the last 15 or 20 years one of Beck's tours would have taken him through Milwaukee, but for whatever reason, the ageless alternative-rock songwriter has steered clear of the city for most of his career. That'll .. more

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Philadelphia singer and guitarist has been a Zelig-like figure in the hair-metal scene, drifting in and out of some of its biggest bands. Most famously, he replaced M%uFFFDtley Cr%uFFFDe singer Vince Neil, bringing a heavier edge to the ban... more

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Perhaps jealous of all the buzz Radiohead gets whenever that band so much as offers a free JPG download on its Web site, Beck has upped his online game this summer, unleashing an onslaught of freebies, almost all of which are good enough to charge.. more

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Real Emotional Trash, ,This Week in Milwaukee more

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Until Beck Hansen released Odelay in1996, he was a one-hit wonder: In the period when ind Odelay ,CD Reviews more

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