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...things aren't good. At all. The most anticipated album of all time has turned out to be more of a commercial bomb than even the most cynical predicted. Best Buy bought exclusive rights to distribute the album, but of the 1.3 million copies t.. more

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  There'snothing quite so deliciously satisfying to one's ironic sensibility thanwitnessing the "majority" cheer for the videotaped speechifying ofKouichi To,Concert Reviews more

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I’m headed to SXSW tomorrow, so this music blog will go dark for the better part of the week, but expect daily updates on the festival on the site’s SXSW page starting Thursday. In the meantime, I’d be remiss if I didn’t offer some ultra.. more

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IRead Lisa Kaiser's article with interest. I am trying to do all I can toconserve energ The Healing Passage: Voices from the Water ,Letters more

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