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On Sunday, September 10 from noon-3 p.m., the MilwaukeeDance Theatre Network (MDTN) will host Milwaukee Dance Theatre Network Day atUW-Milwaukee in Mitchell Hall (3032 N Downer Ave., Milwaukee, Wis.). The eventwill allow professional dan.. Read more

Around MKE

Eco-friendly music festival Rock the Green recently releaseda video showcasing its headlining acts. The video, which pulls highlights frompast festivals, shows what the festival is all about: great music,sustainability and good times.Roc.. Read more


Lupe Fiasco and Best Coast return to Milwaukee, while WMSE hosts a swinging fundraiser. Read more

This Week in Milwaukee

Summer hasn’t been what it should be in Milwaukee. Sweltering days and sunshine have been replaced by a seemingly endless bank of eerie fog that has taken over the lakefront. California’s Best C,Concert Reviews Read more

Concert Reviews

Burnhearts/Pabst Street Party, Summerfest, King Buzzo and more! Read more

This Week in Milwaukee

For all its strengths, it’s hard to tell exactly what Best Coast meant last year’s Fade Away to be. In length and in spirit, it was somewhere between a long EP and short LP. It could have been taken as a continuation of the reverb-laden sur... Read more

Summerfest Guide

“Vocals have always been my strong point: The one thing I feel the most Read more

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The previous volume in this series of funky soul gospel compilations included Milwaukee's Masonic Wonders among its anthologized acts. The second volume carries a Wisconsin connection as well. Two of Good God! Born Again Funk's more traditi... Read more

Album Reviews

“Laugh,” singer Nathan Williams accuses the listener on his spirited third album as Wavves, “I bet you laugh right behind my back.” He’s got reason good reason for the suspicion. The same supporters that built Williams up as one of last year’s bre.. Read more

On Music

Ramble John “RJ” Krohn, better known by his stage name RJD2, still remembers the moment that inspired him to begin creating the instrumental hip-hop compositions that would become his signature.“The big light bulb went off in my head t Read more

Music Feature

When times get tough, the tough get twisted. With a struggling economy and rising unemploy 3Penny Opera ,Theater Read more

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