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Ken Schaphorst Big Band’s newest, How to Say Goodbye, is as enthusiastic as it is moving. This album pays tribute to some of Schaphorst’s greatest influences—as well as his late grandmother. Each of the 10 tracks takes listeners to a specif... Read more

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Active in the klezmer revival for two decades, The Nu Haven Kapelye has finally released its first album. The really big band (sometimes numbering up to 35 players) from Connecticut performs traditional songs along with numbers of more rece... Read more

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In a recent OffThe Cuff interview,Hal Rammel waxed optimistic about the future of improvised music in Milwaukee:“There has been an explosion of interest and activity in the past few yearsthat puts Milwaukee on par with Chicago.” June alo.. Read more

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The snow appeared early this year and as if right on cue, Brian Setzer flew into town like a magical holiday entity. Read more

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Multiculturalism thrives in Canada, especially in its biggest city, Toronto. Witness Lula Lounge, probably the hottest Cuban club outside Havana, New York or Miami, located in a historically Portuguese district of Toronto. Essential Tracks ... Read more

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Undoubtedly, the 2004 communiqués of torture and detainee abuse at Abu Ghraib prison are still among the most infamous of the war in Iraq. Shocking photographs involving American GIs and Iraqi prisoners wiped away the last vestiges of hope ... Read more


Flawed but fascinating, Vincere (out on DVD) is based on the possibility that Mussolini had an unacknowledged wife and son from early in life—or at least a devoted but delusional jilted woman who bore him a son he never recognized. Regardless of .. Read more

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Months after staging a brief production of The Complete Works Of William Shakespeare (Abridged), The World’s Stage Theatre Company presents one of Simon's lesser-known works. Star-Spangled Girl is kind of a curiosity. Debuting in 1966, the roman.. Read more

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So Dick Armey’s FreedomWorks has found a “champion of freedom” in Republican Senate candidate Ron Johnson. FreedomWorks PAC will support the Johnson campaign by leading numerous Get Out The Vote (GOTV) efforts, including direct mailings.. Read more

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Boulevard Theatre’s Stations of the Cross is a savvy comedy that combines the comic appeal of waiting tables with the comedy of Catholicism. Written by Beth Monhollen, the show has debuted to a very successful run with the Boulevard, behaving exac.. Read more


Posting this just because I think it's so awesome.Mike Cameron is just 4 home runs away from joining the 250 HR/25o SB club, which right now has just 19 members.With 291 stolen bases, it's actually not out of the realm of possibility that Cam coul.. Read more

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One of the most perplexing musicals in Broadway history, but also one of the most successful, being the second longest-running Broadway play ever behind only The Phantom of the Opera, Andrew Lloyd Webber’s Cats doesn’t offer much ,Today in ... Read more

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Cedarburg’s workaholic jam band Stealin’ Strings plays traditional bluegrass with liberal whiffs of prog-rock. In doing so, they’ve also coined a new sub-genre: “bluegressive rock.” They often open for the jam scene’s t Read more

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Milwaukee’s unofficial chili season continues today as the Harley-Davidson Museum restaurant celebrates National Chili Day with a fundraiser for Wisconsin’s Second Harvest. Motor will be donating $1 from each order of its meaty chili and $2... Read more

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Director Robert Gardner didn’t provide any voiceovers or even any subtitles to help viewers make sense of his 1986 ethnographic documentary Forest of Bliss. He just lets the cameras roll, quietly capturing everyday life in the Indian city o... Read more

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The Milwaukee Bucks take on the Phoenix Suns tonight at 7:30 p.m. in the Bradley Center.,Today in Milwaukee Read more

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Way back in July the Shepherd's own Art Kumbalek and Frank Clines predicted that the Brewe "Fairly Disinterested Observers" ,Sports Read more

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Old-timey music is the new swing revival, with plenty of young bands dressing up in kitschy, 1930s costumes and puffing out creepy jazz and ragtime songs that exaggerate their antique influences. These band,Today in Milwaukee Read more

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Equipped with their saxophones, trombones and flugelhorns, a dozen-and-a-half women from the Madison area share their love of war-time, big-band-era jazz by performing as the ensemble Ladies Must Swing. Ton,Today in Milwaukee Read more

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