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Sunday saw the Observers focused on Fox's early NFL telecast, but not the same game. When Frank later called Artie from Long Island, only one of them could report a pleasant experience. more

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So many topics and only so much space. The Observers gab so well that they often find themselves with a backlog of blather. So Frank's latest trip Back East provided an opportunity to work off some surplus comments from recent weeks... more

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I'm not dumb enough to pretend this is going to go away,” Ryan Braun said after winning his appeal of a positive drug test and avoiding a 50-game suspension. Indeed, Dino Laurenzi Jr., who collected Braun's urine sample, was just as forc... more

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The Marquette Tribune did an interesting article on what it takes to be a walk-on for the basketball team. It was so well done that it spawned a post on's College Basketball Nation blog. Marquette help walk-on tryouts following the gradu.. more

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Marquette leaked some new uniforms a couple of weeks ago. They had managed to avoid the Nike curse of uniform ridiculousness for so long, but it has finally made its way to Milwaukee.Nike first used the Aerographics in the 2008 Olympics. They say.. more

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Last week Pittsburgh and Syracuse announced they were leaving the Big East for the ACC. These moves are football-baesd, but they look like they're going to have lasting effects throughout all NCAA atheletics.Because these realignments are about f.. more

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This picture is too good not to share! more

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Former Marquette coach Tom Crean <a href="">tweeted this</a> today:<span class="status-body"><span class="entry-content">Congratulations to  everyone at Marquette. 5 straight NCAA tournaments and some .. more

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After losing four games in a row to Villanova by a total of four points, Marquette had their revenge today in the Big East tournament.The Golden Eagles were a preseason pick to finish 12th in the Big East. Now they're heading into the semi-final.. more

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No news sources reporting it yet, so it’s just conjecture, but this site is saying the student-athletes were told about it this weekend and official announcement will come on Thursday.The same site says it sets up a natural rivalry with Penn Sta.. more

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The Walkmen’s distinctly bittersweet take on turn-of-the-century New York guitar rock is at turns blissful and brutal, a dynamic best captured on their 2004 album Bows & Arrows and its seething single “The Rat.” After persistent, ,Today more

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The paradoxes and dilemmas of love and fate are integral to (500) Days of Summer, a sharp (500) Days of Summer ,Film more

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"Pancho and Lefty," "To Live Is to Fly" and "(Quicksilver Daydrea Steve Earle performs July 29 at the Pabst Theater. ,CD Reviews more

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The tumultuous events of the 20th century had a profound effect upon Western music, sweepi Les Offrandes Oubliées ,Classical Music/Dance more

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Marquette just set a Big East tournament record by holding St. Johns tojust 10 points in the first half of their game today. MU went to thelocker room leading 38-10.It's all the more impressive when yourealize that Jerel McNeal played just 9 mi.. more

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No one expected Marquette to win all five of their final games with thebrutal schedule they faced, but no one expected them to lose all five,either. I was hoping for two wins - one against Syracuse and one upset among the big four other teams.Is.. more

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Tonight’s match up has got to be the biggest games Marquette has played since the 2003 Final Four.UConncomes to town with a nine-game undefeated streak on the road whileMarquette has a 17-game home winning streak. Obviously, something’sgoing to.. more

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My assignment was to give five questions for thisMarquette team as they head into the meat of their conference schedule.The questions are supposed to help determine if the Golden Eagles canmake a definitive run deep into the NCAA Tournament. .. more

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Marquette has never sold out a weekday game.On Wednesday, February 25th, they hose #2 UConn. There are currently less than 1,000 tickets left for sale and MU Athletics want to make sure that the Huskies know what it's like for Marquette to have ho.. more

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The one downside to having DirecTV is that Marquette games are often broadcast on the Time Warner Channel.However,I did get the old-time fun of listening to the game on the radio, whichputs you in a total different mindset for "watching" a game... more

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