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Miller Park is getting a big new addition next year. Ina move that will probably anger the type of parent who complains when schools handout participation trophies, the Brewers announced that they are building a “Wallof Honor” outside the st.. more

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Hot off the presses - or the Twitters - Bill Hall apparently just saw Livan Hernandez in the Chicago airport and says he talked to him and Hernandez said he was on his way to join the Brewers.Hernandez is curretnly a free agent - he had been on a.. more

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Milwaukee’s East Side lost one of its historic landmarks early in the morning on Jan. 19, when after 40 years anchoring North Avenue, the restaurant Pizza Man burned down in a four-alarm blaze. The fire, which has been ruled arson, demolish... more

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On Friday, Oct. 23, from 6 to 8 p.m., Next Chapterwill be the site of a party complete wi The GraveyardBook ,Books more

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Story hereCan you just imagine that conversation?You know Macha dropped the bomb, leaving Billy sputtering and then kenny boy came back with something along the lines of "You said you wanted more reps, here's your chance. Or was that all just talk.. more

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This doesn't bode well for us... more

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The Milwaukee Rep’s Stackner Cabaret continues its season tonight with a 6:30 p.m. p Isn’t It Romantic ,Today in Milwaukee more

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In last night's game, Bill Hall was booed when he was at-bat and the questioned is begged - Is it right to boo him?Ithink I fall on the side of feeling the booing is legitimate. The guyis hitting horribly and rightfully got benched because of it.. more

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As you can see from the timestamp, this was just put up on the Brewers blog.Hall wants a trade By Tom Haudricourt Monday, Jun 2 2008, 10:43 PM Bill Hall wants out. Hall's agent, Terry Bross, told me tonight that he believes.. more

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<div class="hl">Hall falls into platoon at hot corner</div> <div class="subHeadLite">Milwaukee (22-24) at Pittsburgh (21-25), Thursday, 6:05 p.m. CT</div> <div class="byLine">     By Adam McCalvy /<a href=" more

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If the Brewers don't come out in this inning completely pumped afterthe performance just put on by Mitch Stetter, I may be about to give upon this team.And as I typed that, Bill Hall hit a home run.Bill Hall, who didn't start the game and just .. more

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The Wisconsin Conservatory of Music’s resident traditional jazz group, We Six, dedic District Line ,Today in Milwaukee more

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Farfrom the visiting Broadway puppet shows of the Downtown theaterdistrict, A Of Mice and Men ,Theater more

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Although he’s never developed much of a name for himself as a solo star, guitarist With All Due Respect: The Irish Sessions ,Today in Milwaukee more

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These days, the Faith Healer is viewed as one of Brian Friel’s most revered creatio Faith Healer ,Today in Milwaukee more

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