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“I learned to make records by the seat of my pants,and I still do it that way,” producer Butch Vig said during his keynote remarksfor Milwaukee’s Yellow Phone Music Conference this morning. Eschewing a preparedaddress in favor of a casual co.. more

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In Influenced, we talk to Milwaukee musicians about the artists that shaped and inspired them, both as performers and listeners.The Milwaukee three piece Estates formed just two years ago, but they c,Music Feature more

May 12, 2014 1:56 PM Music Feature

After years of reliably ticking off and disappointing all but his most forgiving fans, this year Billy Corgan did the unthinkable: He released a legitimately good new Smashing Pumpkins album. Tuneful, pretty and fierce, <em>Oceania</em> is the mos.. more

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Some more sad news for the area music scene: A missing swimmer who presumably drowned after disappearing in Racine on Saturday has been identified as The Frog\'s Dennis Flemion. He was 57, the <a href=\" more

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World War II ushered in the Atomic Age and the Cold War, but it also had a profound impact on the arts and creative practice. With the advent of portable, 35-millimeter cameras, for the first time photojournalists on battlefields and more

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A packedroom at the Washington Park Senior Center gave all 19 Milwaukee Countysupervisor Milwaukee Journal Sentinel ,News more

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It’s one of the oddest MTV shows forgotten by history—yes, even odder than “The Head.” “Andy Warhol’s Fifteen Minutes” was hosted by the legendary pop artist himself, who watched television—or, more accurate more

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Courtney Love’s Myspace page is an endless source of amusement for those who have the time to sift through it. Where else can you hear Love riff on Hannah Montana or dish about her flirtation with Ryan Adams, before accusing him of laundering $85,.. more

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On April 1, Milwaukee voters can select candidates who have the Shepherd&rsquo Shepherd’s ,News Features more

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With Wisconsin’s high-profile primary now less than a week away, expect to see polit Pierrot le fou ,Today in Milwaukee more

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While driving yesterday morning I heard FM 102.1, Milwaukee's alternative rock station, play three Smashing Pumpkins songs in a row. Several hours later, in the early afternoon, I turned on the station again and caught another three Pumpkins songs.. more

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So why hasn`t Milwaukee gone smoke-free? As Milwaukee undergoes a "renaissance," as Mayo God Grew Tired of Us ,Cover Story more

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