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After a solo acoustic debut album, Milwaukee’s Joe Richter puts a full band behind its follow-up, Revival. more

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After years of serving as artistic director of Milwaukee Repertory Theater, Joseph Hanreddy finds himself with an interesting new role in the Milwaukee theater scene. The man who helped make the Rep the city’s most prestigious theater comp... more

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Talking about rewarding failure! The uber-conservative Milwaukee-based Bradley Foundation has announced it will award neocon Bill Kristol, editor of the Weekly Standard and Fox News contributor, its 2009 Bradley Prize and $250,000. .. more

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  Although The Stranger became one of the best-selling LPs ever after its 1977 releas The Stranger ,CD Reviews more

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Source: Ned Yost to be relieved of his duties MondayWhile BadgerBlogger can not independently confirm this, sources close to the Milwaukee Brewers organization tell BadgerBlogger late this evening, in the midst of another horrid road trip, and on .. more

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Last night I had a dream where I was reading a review I’d never written about a new Broadway Musical by Uwe Boll tat doesn’t exist. Weird. But not unheard of. This is a strange time of yearthe twilight between thee end of the normal season and the.. more


Although his tabloid-documented battle with alcoholism tarnished his image somewhat, neve River of Dreams ,Today in Milwaukee more

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Dalek A Midsummer Night’s Dream ,This Week in Milwaukee more

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