Bing Crosby: Christmas On The Ai

Theatrical musical talent Matt Zembrowski returns to the stage as Bing Crosby this month as The NewTheatre on Maine presents Zembrowski in Bing Crosby: Christmas On The Air. The idea here is a live performance in the format of a Christmas va.. Read more


People still love Bing Crosby. A lot. The Sunset Playhouse recently announced that its  holiday tribute to Crosby had sold out six upcoming performances. (Six.) The show, which opens tonight at 7:30pm, has added a couple of performances to the e.. Read more


Men like wine. Why don't we see it advertised to them?Watch typical "male" programming. You know, sports, wrestling, action movies, "24," and so on. You don't see wine ads among the deluge of "light" beers, gadgets, and How Read more


The Wisconsin-based Gladiator’s Fighting has three championships on the card, two of which are for vacant belts: hometown fighter Chico Camas vs. Ken Stitsler in the bantamweight division and Jake Kuester vs. Gerald Meerschaer in the welter... Read more

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