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With his debut novel, Worried Man Blues, Dominique Mills pens a modern inner city noir that anyone familiar with the heart of urban Milwaukee will recognize. Read more


Once again working with producer John Sieger, Milwaukee guitarist Mike Fredrickson’s After It’s Over delivers 14 songs that thrust and parry across genres, held together by the fabric of Fredrickson’s songwriting and the musicianship of dru... Read more

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When Sun Ra left this planet in 1993 the world lost a true original. As a bandleader, his Arkestra fearlessly dove into jazz, Disney tunes and intergalactic ballets with equal rigor. And to consider that he recorded, pressed and distributed... Read more

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Say Yes is a 16-song collection from Milwaukee’s Brian Wurch that draws from the timeless version of rock ’n’ roll that emerged from the doo-wop streets of Dion and the Belmonts and moved to the scrapple of the New York Dolls, ending up at ... Read more

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Shaking the late Jeffrey Lee Pierce’s hand was like holding a cold fish, which was 180 degrees from the intensity of his music. Over a generous handful of albums, Pierce’s Read more

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Hank Williams was a country music star but he was also a comet, streaking across the horizon of American popular culture in the early 1950s. He recorded Read more

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The Jewish Museum of Milwaukee celebrates 60 years of Jews in popular music with an exhibit that features hometown hero, the late Howie Epstein, bassist with Tom Petty and the Heartbreakers, alongside legends like Bob Dylan and Bill Graham ... Read more

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By day Michael Martin is senior community planning and development representative with the U.S. Department of Housing and Urban Development, but he moonlights as Read more

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The shorthand for Alex Chilton is that he experienced his career in reverse.In 1967, as the 16-year-old singer for The Box Tops, Chilton had a number-one hit with “The Letter.” He followed that group with the critically Read more


In hindsight the musical landscape of the late ’80s offered a landfill of new music. Radio, television, magazines and movies smelled money. But with some digging you can always find gems. Witness 3onfire, formed in 1987 by Clancy Read more

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Artistic director Ray Jivoff retires on a high note with the Cole Porter musical. Read more



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Saturday night at Potawatomi Casino’s Northern Lights Theatre, he demonstrated why some superstars of rock ’n’ roll have chosen him as their wingman. Read more

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Acclaimed banjoist/guitarist Michael Rossetto and his group Argopelter perform CD release show for Intermodal Blues at Pabst Milwaukee Brewery & Taproom on May 16, with David Huckfelt opening. Read more

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Located at the former site of Pepi’s Pizza, Milwaukee Classic Pizza specializes in large pies heaped with toppings. Read more

Short Order

Directed by J.J. Gatesman, Milwaukee Entertainment Group’s production of Theresa Rebeck’s Spike Heels will likely catch you off guard. Read more



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Monty Python’s comedy gets a hilarious outing at Sunset Playhouse. Read more



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Off the Cuff with Eve Hall, president of Milwaukee Urban League and recipient of the Seeds of Possibility honor. Read more

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The Rep’s Two Trains Running is in engrossing slice-of-life drama in a Pittsburgh diner. Read more


When a boy’s mother attempts suicide, he believes creating a list of things that make life brilliant will offer her some solace. Read more


Saturday's second day of Milwaukee Psych Fest VII presented 16 acts, each accompanied by an intense light show. Read more

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The electric Milwaukee music festival returns for its seventh year with a lineup of acts from around the globe. Read more

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More than 100 faculty and student artists will welcome the public to the studios for performances, exhibitions, screenings and art-making. Read more

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After she investigated her family tree, author Michelle Dobbs’ story was adapted by Bronzeville Arts Ensemble. Read more


The Nigerien guitarist unleashed face-melting sheets of sound at a warm-up show for Milwaukee Psych Fest. Read more

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The annual free program of films searches South America and the Caribbean for films that would otherwise go unseen in Milwaukee. Read more

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Milwaukee’s Urban Indian Health Center grew out of an awareness in the 1970s of the poor health among Milwaukee’s Native American community. Read more

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Written in a concentration camp, Karel Švenk’s 'The Last Cyclist' talks about fear, hate and xenophobia. Read more

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In The Constructivists’ 'To Fall in Love,' a young couple makes a last attempt to save their relationship by taking an intimacy survey developed by a psychology professor. Read more


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Fear fills the screen and rednecks are on rampage at Times Cinema event. Read more