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Winners in the Milwaukee Music category for Best of Milwaukee 2019 including subcategories like Best Electronic Artist, Best Vocalist, Best Metal Band and more. Read more

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Winners in the City Confidential category for Best of Milwaukee 2019 including subcategories like Best Milwaukee Alderperson, Best Local Entrepreneur, Best Local Activist and more. Read more

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Winners in the Out and About category for Best of Milwaukee 2019 including subcategories like Best Attraction for Out-of-Town Guests, Best Beer Garden, Best Sports Bar and more. Read more

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Rural Urban Flow is a network of artists, farmers and community leaders from Milwaukee and Sauk County to establish relations between rural and urban areas. Read more

Off the Cuff


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Brooklyn band plays prog-psych-jam set through the Milwaukee blizzard. Read more

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The Nashville quartet’s set at the Pabst Milwaukee Brewery & Taproom offered a master-level class in the music that turned into what came to be known as rock ’n’ roll. Read more

Concert Reviews

As old traditions die, new ones are created. This year’s New Year’s Eve calendar features a host of new happenings that could become future staples. Here is a list of many ways Milwaukeeans can treat themselves on Dec. 31. Read more

Music Feature

Between the release of The Haskels' 1979 album, Farm Aid and Local Coverage, 2019 has been a busy year when it comes to music. Read more

Music Feature


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Lupinare's Paul Kneevers plans on releasing four new albums with different groups in 2020, and Lupinare will be performing Saturday, Dec. 21. Read more

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The Corners of Brookfield congregates eateries like Grimaldi’s Pizzeria, Café Hollander, FreshFin Poké and Le Macaron French pastries. Read more

Dining Out

Black Belt Theatre released a new album, ‘Power Petting,’ and will play at Paulie’s Pub & Eatery Saturday, Dec. 28. Read more

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88Nine's annual awards honored Milwaukee musicians. Read more

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Local authors cover the sounds of the city from 1950-2000, and they will discuss Milwaukee Rock and Roll at Boswell Book Co., Dec. 19. Read more

Local Music

The video, 'Corner Drinker,' is from their latest album, 'Power Petting.' Read more

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It is sobering to see a cast of student actors portray characters who might have been their peers when they embarked on experiences that would so greatly affect their lives. Read more



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Milwaukee was the final stop on Costello’s eclectic North American tour. Read more

Concert Reviews

Milwaukee punk-rock pioneers The Haskels’ posthumous (and only) album will be released on Record Store Day, Black Friday, Nov. 29. Read more

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Milwaukee’s legendary Semi-Twang plays the 30th anniversary of Shank Hall with opening act Loey Nelson on Nov. 23. Read more

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Local club owners reflect on their long careers in promoting music. Read more

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‘Blind Corners’ is a schizophrenic, genre-blurring album, reminiscent of The Flaming Lips and Love. Read more

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